Can I Use Color Oops Twice?

Can I Use Color Oops Twice

As of now Color Oops have become a trending product and most of you guys are talking about it. But, there is a common Question, can I use Color Oops twice?

The answer is Yes and NO. Do not confuse right!

Yes you can use Color Oops twice, but not in the same day, or two times in a row.

It is better to apply again after 3-4 days from first applying.

So, why do you need to use Color Oops twice? It is because, if you are not get the expected results with first apply, probably you need to go for second apply.

The reason for not applying is simple. Bitter truth is it can put your healthy hair at risk.

Ok, let me tell you a good example. It is one of my experiences about hair care experiments. But this story does not have a happy ending.

Root cause for this story was, I used Color Oops two times in the same day.  Actually I did not care about money at all and all the time I am thinking about healthy hair. So I do everything possible to keep my hair in good health. If my hair is healthy I am also mentally fit enough. That’s what I always believe.

Please read my story.

Can I Use Color Oops Twice

Actually I was not happy about light brown hair and I wanted to make it dark. Usually I do color changing if I feel bad about the existing color. So I decided to dye my hair black with permanent hair dye. 

 After two days back, my hair looks crazy. My expectation was wrong and my recent color change made me uncomfortable. I can remember my mom asking me, “ Do you think that your hair is a game?”

So, then I decided to use Color Oops after a little research in google. Most people use it to get rid of red dye and get good results from it. So I thought to try my luck this time.

Before use, what I did was:

  • I followed all the instructions on the container of Color Oops
  • I waited patiently 20 minutes after applying it
  • I rinsed my hair 3-4 times, because I needed good results

Finally, I removed my towel from my hair. Can you guess the results?

OMG, the dark color was still there and I was just more faded than previous, but it wasn’t my light brown either. So I was embarrassed a lot, because I didn’t have either brown or black hair anymore, just some horrible color in-between brown and black.

God sake, I thought about applying Color Oops again and waiting the recommended 20 minutes to get happy results.

Do you want to know what happened to my hair?

All right, keep reading the article, you can realize it

While reading just keep these two questions in your mind and ask from yourself:

  • Why is it not recommended to use Color Oops two times in a row?
  • Without ruining my hair, can I use Color Oops twice?

Why is it not recommended to use Color Oops twice in a row?

Why is it not recommended to use Color Oops twice in a row

You should apply Color Oops just after you dyed your hair as soon as possible. It is the best way to get the best results from Color Oops.

Color remover wouldn’t work if you apply it after two weeks from the date you dyed. If you can apply it one or two days after you dye your hair, that’s the best thing.

We know that most people are using permanent hair dyes. Normally it has high chemical reactions in order to give the expected results.

If I elaborate more…

You know that permanent hair dyes have improved over time, they still use peroxide and ammonia as chemicals. Permanent hair dyes can eliminate your hair’s natural pigments and replace them with the pigments in the dye while raising your hair cuticles.

  • If chemicals sit more → Hair become more fragile and frizz.
  • To remove dye’s pigments → Need more chemical reactions

Now you can realize what happened to me. Think! Using Color Oops once is also not good for your hair. Then what about using it twice in the same day? It is something like condemning your hair like nothing.

 You can remember, as the first step I applied Color Oops. Then my hair turned from jet black to dark brown

  • That was not what I expected. I wanted to get back light brown.
  • I used Color Oops again.
  • After 20 minutes I thoroughly washed my hair.

All done! Yes… when I look in the mirror, my hair becomes lighter.

OMG, I realized that I cannot detangle my hair, I found out that my hair was like gum and I cannot explain that weird moment.

I thought that my bleaching process had gone bad and I did small research again on google. I found that it will not end like that. So, I left my hair completely dehydrated.

But detangling it was awkward. I used to do home remedy and I decided to apply a generous layer of coconut oil into my hair. So I was able to detangle it so my hair didn’t get stuck in the brush again.

This is big ignorance and cannot be tolerated.

Mistake 1 – Using Color Oops twice in one day. So I cannot get back my natural hair color within one day.

Mistake 2 – My thinking was wrong. DIY is not possible without any chemical knowledge.

So to get back to my natural color, I had to wait till growing my hair again. Some days I used coconut oils, olive oils and a few natural remedies. I slept with treated hair masks by giving them moisture. I had happy news after two months. I had a little hope about my hair.

My hair roots started with my natural hair color and other parts remained as dark brown which gifted from my idiotic thinking of second round of Color Oops.

Now it is confirmed that you cannot use Color Oops twice in the same day. If you do so, without any doubt your hair will worsen.

Because of this reason, people are not happy about the Color Oops results, So, if you need good results, after applying on the first day what you can do is wait three or four days to use it again.

So that was my saddest story ever. Do not overconfident about you at any time and don’t go behind unsure beliefs and experiments. 


  • Yes, you can. It is advisable to wait at least two or three days and you can hydrate your hair daily.
  • Then you can use Color Oops again in between the fourth and fifth days. But don’t leave it in your hair longer than 20 minutes.


I repeat it again,

If you want to use Color Oops twice, the best advice is to wait at least three to four days before you use it again.


Will this remove color on top of bleach?

Color oops will remove color as long as it’s oxidative color.

Does it take out green hair dye?

No sorry. This will not take out green hair dye.

Will it remove beard dye?

Color Oops will remove the color as long as it’s an oxidative dye

Will this remove what’s left of my red splat dye?

You will need bleach as splat is essentially fabric dye and not hair dye.

Will this remove black dye?

It will take the black dye out with one or two applications

Will one bottle be enough for shoulder length hair?

One bottle can be enough for shoulder length, Recommend 2 kits for thick hair

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