Can Perms Cause Hair Loss?

Can Perms cause hair loss

What is perming?

Perms full name is a permanent wave. Perming is a chemical process that causes hair to curl. Perms wrap the hair with rollers of different sizes. Different sizes of rod rollers determine the size of the rotation. The large rollers give the hair large loose curls and the small rollers give the hair tight spiral curls. When you receive a perm, you should follow specific instructions on how to manage it, how to wash it other related thing on hair care.

Will Perm’s Cause Hair Loss?

There is some myths hanging around as such. Nothing to worry about them. Will brief you the real facts about perm and its pros and cons here. In generally what Wrinky can say is, well-executed, professional hair perm should not cause hair loss or damage to your hair. But, DIY home perm kits and poorly executed perm can harm and damage your hair.  Most of resulting in hair thinning and loss.

How a perm can gone wrong and cause hair loss?

Misuse of Chemicals

Use of low quality brands, products, overuse or improper mixing of the chemicals can cause damage the hair and its follicle permanently. Chemical burns to the scalp can often cause scarring, existing hair loss at the root, and damage to the scalp that can no longer produce hair. As a result of perm you can experiencing hair loss and permanent bald patch. But, no need to worry about it. A reliable hair loss restoration experts can help you to enjoy a full head of hair as you had.


Other common type of hair loss due to a bad perm is hair breakage. As you know, perming is inherently a drying process. So, it can result in damage to the strands of hair making them weak and brittle if done so incorrectly. This causes the strands to break, leaving thinning or bald patches. Again, no need to worry! Because, this kind of hair loss is temporary, and new strands will be grown.

How to Avoid Hair Loss When Getting a Perm?

How to Avoid Hair Loss When Getting a Perm

When getting a perm it is advisable always to seek the professional. If you are using a home perming kit, please try to be well aware about DIY perming because, if not you leave your hair and scalp’s health at risk. You should adhere the following steps during your next perm session:

  • Make sure  to keep your scalp is healthy
  • Do not brush your hair the day before
  • Do not scratch your hair the day before

When getting your perm to prevent chemical burns, it is most important thing is to ensure that your scalp is free of scratches, wounds or irritated. It is recommended to keep all styling tools below 300 degrees Fahrenheit in order to avoid excessive heat.

Should you perm thinning hair?

A gentle perm solution is recommended for thinning hair, but it should be selected based on its strength. Because, thinning hair is extremely resistant and it does not take or hold perms very well when done.

Does perms help hair growth?

A common misreading is that relaxers promote hair growth. But, this is false. Using a relaxer on top of damaged hair will only exacerbate the problem.

Will a perm ruin naturally curly hair?

Hairstylists emphasize that a perm can cause the hair follicles to swell, which can lead to dry and wrinkled hair, which is already pores, and the opposite effect of what a curl means.

Is there a perm that doesn’t damage hair?

Whatever perm you choose, pretty waves may be a reality after all. Here you can choose Thio-free perms which will offer less damage and less odor. But, keep in mind that its results won’t last as long as traditional perming.

Perming can still cause damage to your hair if it’s not done properly even though Perming is less damaging than bleach

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