Can You Bleach Over Permanent Hair Dye?

Can You Bleach Over Permanent Hair Dye

Bleaching is a chemical process and when we are talking about bleaching, most of you guys have so many questions on your mind. Out of them, most common questions are:

Q1.      Can you bleach over Permanent Hair Dye?

Q2.      What happens when you bleach permanent dye?

Who said No? YES, you can bleach it. But if you don’t want to end up damaging your hair, there are few important things to remember before bleaching

First of all, Wrinky needs to remember you guys that bleaching is a common procedure and all hairdressers are doing the same thing to change your hair color. Only difference is the chemical brands and hair care products they use.

It has become a trend now. Most ladies tend to apply permanent dye. All of sudden, they are changing their mind and try to go for another nice hair color. At that point they need to bleach their hair.

It is the reality. But do not worry! Here we are going to tell you everything about bleaching over permanent hair dye to remove all of the color.

Before you go for the bleaching process, it is better to evaluate your hair’s health: and please consider the following points also.

  • Dryness or straw-like conditions
  • Detangle condition of your hair
  • Recent history of your hair bleaching

 If your hair falls into the above category, you should have moisture well.

HOW DOES BLEACHING YOUR HAIR WORK? You can get an idea by reading our previous article about BLEACHING

Right, you know why you can bleach permanently dyed hair. So, whether it is natural or artificial, your hair will eliminate any kind of pigmentation after bleaching. It is common to all.

The goal of the bleaching process is to remove the color from your hair. By doing so, you can still lighten your hair.

This is why you need to be very careful when bleaching your hair. Please consider following points:

  • Don’t bleach your hair if it’s dry or damaged
  • After applying bleaching chemical better to check color development process in every 5 minutes
  • Let mix to sit in your hair for more than 20 minutes

you should have no problems, If you keep all these details in mind when it comes time to bleach your hair

Can bleaching your hair remove any color of permanent dye?

Can bleaching your hair remove any color of permanent dye

🖝 Yes. There are no hard and fast rules. You can remove all of the colors. Right pointing backhand index

🖝 Sometimes, you may need more than one bleaching session. It depends on your existing hair color and the new color you want to add.

As an example:

  • You can end up with one session, if you start with dark-colored hair and you want to reach a medium color.
  • You’ll need two or more bleaching sessions, if you want to reach even lighter colors.

But keep in mind that you will not be able to get to platinum blonde within one day.

Here, Wrinky color guide will give you an idea about how many times you’ll need to bleach your hair.

Identical dark:

Black 1, dark brown 3: Do your bleaching process at least one time to get to brown 4.

Normal dark:

Brown 4: Do your bleaching process at least 2 times to get to a light brown 6.

Medium color:

Medium brown 5, light brown 6:  Do bleaching process at least 2 times to get to a light blonde 8.

If your hair is light:

Dark blonde 7, light blonde 8: Do bleaching process at least once to get to lighter blonde 9 or platinum blonde 10.

We think that now you can get a rough idea about colors. 

For your easy understanding, will give you some examples here:

Now you are with dark brown 3 and you need to go for light blonde 8, then you have to do 5 rounds of bleaching on your hair.

OMG, 5 rounds? YES! Look at this:

  • Light brown 6 to light blonde 8: 2 bleaching session
  • Brown 4 to light brown 6: 2 bleaching session
  • Dark brown 3 to brown 4: 1 bleaching session

This is how those 5 rounds of bleaching process are done to get light blonde 8 and remove all of your dark brown 3 permanent dye.

We think that, now you know the reason why you can’t go from black to blonde hair in one day? Right!

If you ignore the basics of bleaching, your hair will get totally damaged and ruin your hair fiber for a long time.

It is advisable to do 1 bleaching round in 1 week. For the 4-bleaching round you have to do it for 4 weeks. Because, your hair needs some relaxation and healing in order to make them ready for the next round of chemical reaction process.


It is most important to give some fresh experience to your hair after every bleaching session. Moisturizing is the best option for that because it will help repair your hair fiber smoothly.

You can choose between a few different options:

  • You use heat masks on your hair and leave them in for 20 minutes.
  • Cuticle repairing products can prevent cuticles damaged by peroxide and ammonia. (Keratin oils)
  • Coconut or argan oil can instantly repair damage from bleaching your hair. You can use them before 3 hours of bleaching to minimize the damage.
  • Do bleaching at once a month.


Although bleaching your hair is a useful process for removing color, it can cause serious damage to your hair.

If you do not have experience about DIY coloring or bleaching at home, Wrinky recommend to go for beauty salon. Your hair care expert can help you to find the best option to do big changes in your hair appearance.

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