Dandruff After Washing Hair

Dandruff After Washing Hair

It is a common issue at all. Dandruff after washing hair often leads to itching, and sometimes even flaking. At this point, you are trying to have a bath once or more often as a remedy. After all, you may think that more washing can make more moisture and problem will be solved, right? Awkwardly, washing your hair can give you the opposite effect on your scalp. Because showering and frequent washing can lead your scalp even drier.

Sometimes shower itself may not be causing the problem. There are many other reasons for a dry scalp. These reasons can generate from hair products to the weather and your hair care behavior also. All have an experiences that shortsighted small white flakes on your scalp, shoulders and finger tips after you wash your hair can be annoying. Most of time this kind of thing can make you feel unclean and cause awkwardness. Without even realizing it, you could be making hair washing mistakes continuously.

When it’s come to the hair care, everyone concern about keeping your scalp clean. But, by creating a few mistakes during washing your scalp, you will be inviting for dryness, itching and scratching even. If you scratch scalp too much, it may cause cuts to form and could lead to infection.

Can I Have a Healthy Scalp after Washing?

Can I Have a Healthy Scalp after Washing

Why not?  You need to wash your hair frequently and there are some practices you have to follow when doing it. There are some dos and don’ts to be practiced and your healthy hair habits can start in the shower.

Washing your hair can keep it clean and not always keep your scalp healthy. Here, problem arising from scalp. So Wrinky will give you some remedies to avoid a dry scalp after washing your hair.

#1 Less Frequent Showers

Showering too frequently can cause damage to your skin. It may feel relaxing at the time, but it can lead to dryness all over the scalp. Shower less often is one of the easiest ways to fight with a dry scalp or you can shower every day, avoid washing your hair each time.

If we discuss about the nature of scalp skin and hair, top layer of your skin produces a lot of dead skin cells and you may try to wash them away. But, think that it’s protecting other layers of your skin underneath and also helps to keep your scalp moisturized. So, you’re pull this protective layers away every time you shower.

As a habit, if you shower every day, you keep this protective layer in a damage with the healthy skin underneath and strip away moisture. So, that will lead to a dry, itchy scalp.

Your scalp produces natural oils (sebum) and showering too much can wipe away these oils. Sebum needed to protect the skin and growing of healthy hair. Your scalp can lead to dryness, itching, and flaking if it doesn’t have enough sebum or production is slowed.

It’s advisable to wash your hair two or three times a week. If your hair gets oily or greasy frequently, you can increase your washing pattern. You likely know your hair better than anyone. Try to avoid doing it every day if possible because, this simple alteration can make a difference in your scalp health and hair.

#2 Do Not Take Hot Showers

Temperature of water you use is most important factor. You should be aware of the water temperature when you do, in addition to washing your hair less often. Water itself cannot moisturize your hair and scalp. If you take too hot shower, it can cause your strands of hair to seize up and hold onto the moisture inside. A hot shower can be comforting and relaxing. But, it can also do a lot of damage to your skin and hair and also make your hair dry, brittle, and damaged-looking.

#3 Use of Correct Hair Products

If you do above two factors correctly and still suffering from same issue, it’s time to look at your hair products. Hair care products are the common culprit for people who have dry scalp with dandruff. Your hair and skin get damaged from the most expensive products on the market also. Don’t depend on their price tag. It will not be provided hydration and moisture as your scalp need. Most cosmetic hair products contain chemicals and scalp skin react to chemicals in different ways. Product which works for someone else may not always work the same way for other person.

Symptoms of dandruff aside from a dry scalp include:

  • Itching
  • Red bumps
  • Pain
  • Blistering

Try These Hints after Washing

Think that you do all the things correctly, but your post showering behavior is bad. It can cause your hair and scalp damage still. These are the common mistakes to avoid when treating and styling your hair after washing.

  • Do not blow dry your hair.
  • Avoid using chemicals out of the shower.
  • Do not rub your hair with a towel to dry it.
  • Add a heat-protectant product.

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