Does Argan Oil Expire?

Does Argan Oil Expire

What is Argan Oil?

Argan tree native to Morocco and Argan oil extracted from the seeds of the Argan tree. So, it is 100% natural oil. Argan oil often used for skincare as an anti-aging product and it is rich in fatty acid and antioxidants. As well as it can be used for the treatment of high blood pressure and diabetes and culinary purposes.

Why Argan oil use for hair care?

Argan oil is basically marketed by the Morocco government, especially for hair care and skin treatment chief among them. 

Argan oil having capacity to improve quality of the hair. By preserving the natural pigments (melanin), Argan oil preventing damage to the outer cuticle of the hair shaft.

Argan oil can enhance hair quality and dye retention after undergoing multiple hair coloring treatments. Argan oil gives protective effect when compared to commercial hair conditioner, for hair coloring which is one of the harshest procedures hair can undergo.

Does Argan oil expire?

It is confirmed that, Argan oil having fairly long shelf life up to two years. Its quality can be affected by extreme heat and UV radiations.

You can avoid this, by storing in a cool room away from the direct sunlight with its original glass container. Keeping it in the refrigerator can help preserve the oil. It will congeal and return to normal condition after get in to room temperature.

It is advisable to dispose of any oil that exceed its expiration date, has a rancid odor, or suddenly becomes cloudy or discolored.

Can you use expired Argan oil?

No. It’s not advisable to use expired Argan oil. They can rot and cause a chemical reaction. This smells bad, increase free radical damage to hair, and lead to unwanted consequences such as hair falling.

How do you know if Argan oil is bad?

How do you know if Argan oil is bad
  • Check ingredient list – Before you buy it, always check the list of ingredients in the Argan Oil bottle. If the bottle has a long list of chemicals, it is not pure argon oil. The bottle should be simply mentioned – 100% Argan Oil or 100% Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil (scientific name). If the bottle lists various other ingredients, don’t buy it.
  • Scent – Real scent of original Argan Oil containing unique, raw, nutty smell. After you applied Argan oil to your hair or skin, it gets absorbed almost immediately and the scent disappears. Culinary Argan oil have a fragrant smell that makes you want to eat it. Strong smelling Argan oil should obviously be avoided because, it most likely has gone rancid. 
  • Price Range – Argan Oil is more expensive than the ordinary beauty oils you see in the market. So, it is better to re check with the original prices before you buy it.
  • Color – Cosmetic Argan oil having golden yellow colour and culinary variant comes with golden brown in colour.
  • The texture – Argan oil almost comes with smooth & silky condition and it disappears into your skin immediately after application. It shouldn’t feel watered down or slimy, or sticky. 

How long does Argan oil last in hair?

At least for 2 to 3 days Argan oil can usually keep your hair shiny and soft. Because, this is highly-concentrated oil and can deeply penetrates your hair. Your hair may need more oil, if your hair is excessively brittle or damaged and it’s okay to apply the Argan oil every day for such conditions.


  1. Which brand of argan oil is best?

    SheaMoisture 100% Pure Argan Oil
    • The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Moroccan Argan Oil
    • Moroccanoil Treatment Original
    • Hask Argan Oil 5-in-1 Leave In
    OGX Extra Penetrating Moroccan Argan Oil

  2. Can Argan oil replace moisturizer?

    You cannot use oil in place of moisturizer because oils are too heavy for the skin.

  3. Should I use Argan oil every day?

    It is depends on your hair type and the condition. If you have dry, damaged, crunchy or frizzy hair, it is better to use Argan oil every day and you will continually be benefited from its revitalizing effects.

  4. Should you refrigerate Argan oil?

    Refrigeration will not harm the oil, and will actually help it last longer.

  5. Can you sleep with Argan oil in your hair?

    You can use Argan oil to style your hair. While massaging it, you can apply a small amount to your scalp and the rest of your hair. Then, wrap it in a shower cap or towel to keep the oil on your hair. You can leave this on while you sleep and then wash it out in the morning.

When I scratch my scalp white stuff come off

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