Does Bleaching Your Hair Make It Thinner?

Does bleaching your hair make it thinner

There are many myths your can hear If we talking about hair bleaching. Some says that bleached hair grows slower than hair that has never experienced the chemical process. However, you should consider pre and post-care before bleaching your hair. It is not getting same result when you bleaching previously bleached hair, virgin hair or even permed hair.  

Bleach once or twice does not make your hair thinner, but if you go for successive bleach sessions can make your hair thin. So, if your need to bleach your black hair into a platinum blonde, you’ll have to follow some more bleaching sessions.

But, keep in mind that, you can’t do several bleaching sessions in a single day. Instead, you can do it over several months as long as you want to prevent the thinning your hair from bleaching. So, it is better to check if your hair is virgin or was previously chemically treated.

Golden Rule!If you need to bleach your virgin hair without making them thin, it is better to check porosity and the peroxide contain in your bleaching products.

This checking and awareness is most important because thin hair isn’t the same as thick hair. Permeable hair is not the same as healthy hair, nor is long hair the same as short hair.

You should consider a few things before start bleaching process. If not, all issues we discussed above will cause to ruin your hair during the bleaching.

Be Careful when you choose the peroxide

If you have thin hair, using a high volume peroxide will dry out your hair and damage it permanently.

If your have thick hair, it’s always capable enough to resist a high volume of peroxide. So, you can get the lighter levels to bleach with less damage and risk.

It is advisable to prevent using a 40-volume peroxide to bleach your hair since it will literally burn your hair.

Color duration will depend on your hair porosity. So check it

Does bleaching your hair make it thinner

After you bleach, your hair will become more porous, if your hair is porous, prone to dryness, tangles, or has split ends and the color you choose will wash out much faster.

Is there any remedies to prevent this? Absolutely, yes!

It is depend on your hair care discipline. Always try to maintain a nourishing and moisturizing routine weekly. It can prevent your hair from deteriorating and color fading quickly.

If your hair is long, control the heat during bleaching process

If your hair is long, it is advisable to start heat few centimeters from your scalp. So, you’ll have to apply artificial heat on the rest of your hair.

If you are not able to manage out the heat, you keep your hair at risk evenly. As a substitute, you’ll get lighter and darker areas on your hair. So, bleaching process is much easier on short hair because the heat is spread more consistently.

So, you can realize that, bleaching does not make your hair thin. But it can damage your hair. If you chemically treated your hair before, bleaching process may get worse. Managing other issues related to bleaching is up to you.

At this point, we need to face for real situation. If your hair colored or permed earlier, bleaching can make it thin and damage.

Think! If you dyed your hair black or red, and you are planning to go for a very light color, your hair will be suffered. Because, you have already exposed you hair in to chemical process.

Meantime, if you don’t moisturize and nourish your hair properly, your hair getting damage. So, at that point bleaching can make your hair thinner.

Wrinky advise you to meet hair care professional to bleach and avoid getting thin and breakage your hair. But you need to tell him all history about your hair before bleach.

So, now you have an idea about bleaching and know that it can only thin previously chemically treated hair.

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As you aware, bleaching is one of the most aggressive and hard hair treatments. If your hair is still healthy and you never colored or bleached it before, you don’t have any risk of making it thinner.

Hence, if your hair is damaged or weakened and you still need to bleach it, you should do it at a salon. It is better way to prevent your hair from becoming thinner or brittle.

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