Does Hair Bleach Expire?

Does Hair Bleach Expire

Does hair bleach expire? Yes. It is true, all hair products including hair bleach have an expiration date. Like hair conditioner, masks, shampoos, even hair dye, and toners, hair bleach also starts to deteriorate and expires quickly after opening the package. Sometimes, hair bleach will expire within just 20 minutes.

Still, if the product contains bleach powder, hair conditioner, or other common chemicals and ingredients, the expiration date may change, so it is important that you read the product packaging carefully.

Because of the various formulations that often include bleach powder and liquid developer, determining how long a hair bleach mixture will last.

There are lots of competing claims out there, including that hair bleach powder can last for up to a year after you’ve mixed it. However, as demonstrated below, there are variations to this, and it can go bad sooner.

There are a number of competing claims, including that hair bleach can last up to a year after blending. However, as noted below, there are differences, and it can deteriorate quickly.

Does Hair Bleach Have Expire Date?

Does Hair Bleach Have Expire Date

Unopened hair bleach products can be used for up to three years without any risk to your health. Hair bleach or hair developers are long life products. This is why many of these products do not have a printed expiration date. But no one can guarantee that they cannot get worse.

Do not think about the shelf life of the bottle. Once you open the bleach developer, you can only use it for the next six months only. Some may not even one day or 30 minutes after mixing it. That’s why you should get used to writing the date you opened the bottle directly on the product

Another important thing to keep in mind is that after you open it, keep it in a cool place away from sunlight and moisture.

You should also keep in mind that using expired hair bleach can cause your hair to break if you take any risks.

How Can You Know After Hair Bleach Expired? 

If you buy a developer that suits your hair, it is clear that you want to bleach your hair as soon as possible. However, since hair bleach is a long-lasting product, most brands do not have an expiration date printed on the package, and you can probably open and use it in the next few months. But what if you have been storing hair bleach for a long time now and you suspect it is out of date? How can you confirm that? Here you have to be especially careful about its scent.

  • If you thought of putting it close to your nose to get a suspicious smell, you would not even think about it! Hair bleach is a toxic chemical that has a mild, persistent and strong odor when you apply it on the hair, so putting it under your nose is not acceptable as you may experience health consequences.
  • Then you can observe that bottle very well. If your hair bleach is more liquid than usual, do not use it.
  • If the liquid developer turns slightly yellow, this is also not suitable for use because it is exposed to heat. If you use a cream developer and its consistency is not something like a bleaching cream, and it’s long overdue. If there is a lot of liquid in it, do not use it because it is already expired.

If you notice any of these changes, throw away the bleach without a second thought! Hair developers are cheap products, it is safer for your hair to buy a new developer than to ruin your hair by using expired bleach thinking for a small profit!

Do You Know The Consequences Of Using An Expired Developer?

Consequences Of Using An Expired Developer

Keep in mind that bleaching is a chemical process that helps to release the color when bleaching the hair strands and absorbs the color during the coloring process. If you are still willing to continue with possibly expired bleach, please read this:

  • Your developer may not be able to meet your expectations, so your hair may not be as bleach as it should be, or the hair color may not develop properly.
  • The worst part is that 90% of expired bleach damages your hair, making it so weak and unstable that you can barely recognize it
  • There are several volumes of a developer: 10, 20, 30, 40, and they are all aggressive and harmful for your hair if they are not used correctly.
  • There are several developer volumes as 10, 20, 30, 40. These all are very aggressive and can cause harm for your hair if not used properly.

Will give you some examples:

  • Your hair might be dry and dull after using a volume 20 hair developer. If you use this same product which expired, it will surely damage your hair fiber.

Now think, what can expire bleaching products do to your hair. The damage can be devastating. It can destroy your cuticles and then your hair will freeze. We told you the risk of volume 20.  Then there is no need to think about what causes expired volume 30 or 40 hair developers.  If you willingly make this mistake, finally you need to have a complete haircut to fix it once again.

Then what happens to the scalp?

what happens to the scalp
  • If you have sensitive or damaged skin, you can experience bacterial infection on your scalp and itch.
  • It is hereby Wrinky will advise you not to use doubtful or expired hair. Just throwing it away and buying a new product will cost you less than you spent for care of ruined hair.

It is most important to store hair bleach properly in order to avoid expiration due to exposing it to the sunlight or heating.

How To Store Hair Bleach Properly?

  • Keep temperature between 7 -20 Celsius
  • Keep out of the direct sunlight
  • Keep it on dry and cool place (cupboard or a drawer in your closet)
  • Away from the humid
  • Always label the date when you opened


Hair bleach is a hair product that none should take for granted. It is quite dangerous to play with it on your own, especially if you are not sure if it is still valid to use or expired. Don’t underestimate anything I have stated in this article, and make sure you do not use hair bleach if it has been over six months after you have used it for the last time.

Sporting a man’s haircut is not so flattering for a lady, and honestly, it’s a rare case where girls look good with only 2 or 3 cm of hair on their head. This means only one thing: stop being a cheapskate and buy new hair bleach; it will hurt you less than saying goodbye to your beloved hair.

Hair bleach is a product that no one should ignore. Playing with it alone is a bit risky, especially if you are not sure if it is still valid to use or expired. Do not underestimate anything mentioned above. If you have been using hair bleach for the last time for more than six months, be sure not to use it.

So, do you want to be a bold headed person? 😊 Just Joke.

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