Faded Red Hair to Light Brown

Faded red hair to light brown

Why is my hair color getting fade?

Using products with a very high pH value can cause the cuticles to reopen. At the end, your hair will lose color quickly and easily. In addition, hair care products filled with minerals and chemicals can build up on the hair, making it look dull and lifeless.

10 reasons for hair fading:

  1. Determine Hair’s Porosity Level
  2. Insufficient Color Processing Time
  3. Hard water effects on hair color
  4. Inadequate mixing of color
  5. Rinsing with hot water
  6. Shampooing hair too soon after coloring process done
  7. Color hair too frequently
  8. Using products that strip hair color
  9. Using hot styling tools without heat protection
  10. Improper UV protection

When red hair fades, your hair will turn brown or orange depending on the red color you choose

  • Red color was dark or intense >> It will turn brown when it fades.
  • Red color was light or fiery >> It will turn orange when it fades.

your former red hair color changed when it fades, that faded color will be the base for the making of brown color you intend to use. It is common fact that brown tones are darker than red tones. There are number categories also. However, it is difficult to remove the red color remaining in your hair, because it is too strong.

Are there any remedies for this?

Yes, why not. You can mix color reflections with the hair dye.

If you have no idea about reflect colors, please read this

Reflections are the colors you see over the hair in light or movement of hair. Your hair color may be brown. But you will be noticed that your hair reflects a warm golden hue when it exposed to sunlight or moving.

There are 2 types of reflect: Warm and Cool.

Warm reflects

Comes in warm hair colors like copper, gold and red. They are highly reflective and when the colors capture light, they give the illusion like expansion. It increases the thick look of your hair and makes it shine a lot brighter.

Cool reflects

Cool hair colors like Ash, light brown, Beige and violet come in a variety of colors. They are cool and resistant to any heat in the hair and give you a silvery, smoky or creamy look. You can try this if you want to turn your hair back to a natural / neutral shade. 

Awesome news is, reflect can neutralizes the reflects that you don’t like. This is how you can adjust the tone in order to match your wish.

  • If your hair turned too Orange, you can apply an Ash Blond.
  • If your hair turned too Ash blond, you can apply a Gold.

This is a great option for red hair that has faded due to the persistence of redness and the tendency to show through other dyes. 

So, we already know that when red fades, it turns orange or brown. But what happens if that red color does not completely fade?

Yes, you can apply a light brown with a reflect color that neutralizes the red. Just follow the color reflects as we talked before.

What should I do if my hair become too orange after it faded?

This case is common to all when you applied a light red color to your hair. Its looking less like little mermaid tone or more like carrot color. Of course, you need to apply light ash brown reflect color to neutralize the orange. After applying, you will see that orange color have vanished from your hair.

What should I do if my hair faded into brown?

If you used dark red dye, this is common issue. For this one, you need to apply light brown 6 dye.



It is better to know about the tone of light brown you want to apply. So, as we talked earlier, it depends on your base color or the remaining hair color after fade.

  • Neutralize red – Use milk chocolate 6-7.
  • Neutralize orange – Use light ash brown 6-1.
  • Other tone of brown – Use light brown 6.

Great! Now you’re ready to apply light brown in to your hair. Follow these steps. Get ready with all the hair care tools and dye color you need…


First of all, you need to comb your hair. Because it does not tangle during hair dye process


Mix your light brown dye with the developer and stir well.


Start to apply from the roots to the hair tips. Better to use the coloring brush or else you can use your hands to distribute the dye in your hair. Ensure that you cover entire hair and leave it in for 45 minutes.


As per the instruction given by your product, use warm water and make wash off all of the dye. Then follow the post-coloring treatment included in the kit which make your hair hydrate and shine.


Finally, you can dry your hair by using hairdryer, flat iron or curling iron. as you usually do. It is advisable to apply anti fizz serum to avoid your hair getting out of control.

Red To Brown Hair

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