How Long Can I Leave Olaplex 3 in My Hair?

How long can I leave Olaplex 3 in my hair

Do you know about Olaplex 3? Here we give you a general overview of it. Olaplex Hair Perfecting No.3 is a Hair care Styling Product. It is famous as a home treatment, remember it’s not a conditioner. Olaplex Hair Perfecting No.3 reduces breakage and visibly strengthens the hair, improving its appearance. It will repair damage hair and protect its structure by restoring the healthy appearance and texture of your hair. Olaplex can use by once a week or two to three times a week  for all hair types, especially those with visible damage. Benefits of Olaplex are Clarifying, Moisturizing, and Reconstructing and Smoothing hair. It’s consist with Paraben-free and Sulfate-free formula.

If you seeking healthy hair it is recommend to have an Olaplex No. 3 with you. Will tell you the scientific information about Olaplex later. Now we directly get in to the subject.

By using Olaplex 3 weekly, you can rebuild your hair from all the damage done to it daily. It is just like your hair insurance policy at home. So… can you guess what damage exactly being done to your hair?

You can see that, there are various ways to damage the hair at home or while you in outside always.

First mistake you are doing at home or salon is, thermal styling. Whether you style your hair daily, weekly, or for some special occasions, each time you use to curl or do flat iron your hair.  By that you are breaking bonds on hair. In order to create any change in hair color or texture, you can break bonds in the hair, but not abnormally. Each time you do flat iron your hair, straight, firm or curl it, you are damaging the hair.

Environmental damage is another factor which cause to damages your hair. Compromising the hair can be done by cold weather or sunlight. If you have non damaged or non-modified hair, but still you need to treat it regularly if you’re going outside often.

Mechanical styling is another way to damage your hair. When using styling tools like pins and clips or combing and brushing hair can comes under Mechanical styling. Just imaging the damage if you do these things regularly for your hair.

You may also be someone that gets regular coloring, bleaching, or texture services in the salon. This all damages we briefed above are you can do on your own and if you don’t fall into all three categories, you likely fall into at least one or two.

How long to leave Olaplex 3 on hair and How to wash out Olaplex 3?

Once you applied Olaplex, leave it for at least 10 minutes. If you think that your hair is extremely damaged or your hair just needs a little boost, you can leave the Olaplex for up to 90 minutes on your hair. Rinse out in the shower, then follow up with shampoo and conditioner. For the best result, it is recommend to use Olaplex hair shampoo and conditioner. Olaplex manufactured have produced these two items by using Olaplex Bond Building chemistry.

Can I leave Olaplex 3 in my hair overnight?

Can I leave Olaplex 3 in my hair overnight

Actually the answer is No. So why it is not necessarily. Because it is recommend to leave it on hair up to 10 minutes basically. If you have most damaged hair, you can leave it up to 90 minutes. Basically, Olaplex 3 reach it max acting power after 45 minutes and continue it up to 90 minutes. Even if you leave the Olaplex in your hair overnight, you will get the same results.

Olaplex manufacturers has said on their Instagram, “You can leave the treatment on overnight. Just make sure your hair doesn’t come into contact with your face or eyes”.

Melanie Aman, one of Olaplex customer said her experience like this. The only painful thing I’ve experienced is, I decided to use Olaplex 3 overnight. I thought I would end up with the sleekest, glossiest hair ever, but I just had a wrong decision. It just made my scalp super itchy and it was similar to the way it feels post bleaching. So I thought that, I won’t trying that again.

If your mind still ask, can I sleep with Olaplex 3 in your hair, we have given the answer. Without proper investigation or searching about regular user’s reviews or experiences, do not try this product as you want. So it is better to read the instructions carefully and act accordingly.

How long to leave in Olaplex 2?

If you still using Olaplex 2 instead of Olaplex 3, it is a saloon treatment. Olaplex manufacturers not recommend to sell it to people who are not ‘trained’ in how to use it. They recommend Olaplex 2 for professional use only, whereas No 3 is can use for home treatment.

It is recommend to apply a generous amount and comb through thoroughly and leave on the hair for a minimum of 10-20 minutes. Keep in mind, Olaplex 2 gives you better and effective results the longer it’s on your hair.

You may want to use No. 2 for a week or two to get rid of the various barriers your hair faces and keep it in top condition. Your hair will feel better with each use. Especially since it not only maintains your hair, it also enhances your hair.


  1. How to use Olaplex 3

    The recommended method of using Olaplex 3 is to apply a generous amount of serum to the towel and then dried hair. After combing it, make sure you apply each strand, and usually leave it in hair for at least ten minutes before shampooing and conditioning your hair. If you have more hair care products with you, then you can shampoo your hair before applying the Olaplex also.
    It is recommend to keep it on hair for 10 minutes. But treatment is most effective after 30-45 minutes but it is effective as long as your hair is moisturized. Dozens of consumer reviewers shared that the treatment was put on the hair overnight, and the company recommends against it because you can give your eyes a serum and irritate them.
    Olaplex recommends using the treatment at least once a week to maintain healthy hair, but there is no risk of frequent use. At this level of use, most people can expect their 100ml Olaplex bottle at least 2 months.

  2. Does Olaplex work on dry hair?

    Actually you can use Olaplex 3 on your dry hair as well. You may need to apply some more amount in order to fully saturate the hair. So, it may change as the requirement you have and things circling on your mind.

  3. Can you add Olaplex 3 to hair dye?

    No. Olaplex 3 is a home treatment product to continue strengthening the hair in between the stand alone hair care and not to be added to color or lighteners in the same manner as Olaplex 1. Adding it will affect the performance of your chemicals, slow down and possibly keep you colors from depositing as well. Your lightener may miss its mark and you can end of with the hair being a level darker and more brassy tones or some other problems in to hair.

  4. Can I use Olaplex 3 before or after coloring my hair?

    It is depending on your hair actually. You may think about the condition of your hair, whether it is dry, greasy or how damaged it is.  You can normally treat with Olaplex before your colour or you can use it after if you need to give your hair some extra strength.

  5. Do Olaplex cause for side effects?

    Olaplex No. 3 have a history of causing unpleasant skin reactions for some people, most can use them topically without a problem because of the few ingredients in it. Before you use it, it is recommend to test a small amount of the formula on your skin and see how it react.

How To: Apply Olaplex No. 3

Pros and cons of Olaplex can be listed as follows:

Pros and cons of Olaplex


  • Works as described on the product for many users
  • Minimal side effects associated with topical use
  • Can be used alone in home or with the full product line
  • Suitable for all hair types


  • Left some users with dryer, more damaged hair
  • Little information is available about the main ingredient
  • Must be used weekly for better results

Why is my hair still greasy after I wash it ?

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