Lavender Dye Over Orange Hair

Lavender Dye Over Orange Hair

Have you ever heard of the Irish redhead festival? Just imagine the look, if they colored from Lavender hair dye. Whole festival will look awesome. Dyeing lavender has become a new trend among stylish women and most celebrities. People who have natural hair color can easily change it to Lavender. But what about orange hair?

Can You Dye Lavender Over Orange Hair?

Yes you can do it, lavender hair dye is one of the best options for orange hair. For that you need to consider

  • Healthy condition of your hair
  • Remaining Orange color shade
  • For dry or brittle hair, choose a semi-permanent lavender hair dye
  • For healthy or gray hair, choose a permanent hair dye
  • If your orange is light, choose any lavender hair dye
  • If your orange is dark, choose a darker and more intense lavender hair dye

Why is lavender hair dye a good option for oranges?

Why is lavender hair dye a good option for oranges
  • Most hairdressers commonly use this lavender hair dye for neutralization. Because it contains blue and it’ll remove the orange pigments immediately.
  • It is better to aware about your hair condition, matching dye type (semi-permanent or permanent) before applying the lavender hair dye on your bleached orange hair

Can You Put Lavender Over Orange Hair? Read on to find out more reasonable answers!

With the few highlights we have given above, YES! Now you know that lavender is one of the best color options you have to neutralize the orange tone in your hair. It can remove the unwanted brassy tones in your hair.

Still, there are many things that you need to study before you decide to change your orange hair color using lavender hair dye.

→ Here are some important points:

Existing Orange Shade of Your Hair

You need to pay more attention to this matter. If you take a closer look at your hair, you can easily see your hair shadings. Check if it looks more orange or yellow. If the color of your hair is inclined towards the yellow or yellow-orange mixed shade, definitely you can use lavender hair dye to fix it.

Lightness and Darkness of the Orange shade

In here you need more intense and darker lavender dye for the darker shade of orange. If your hair looks light orange hue, it will match for any lavender hair dye. Keep in mind that the light or dark shade of orange determines what type of lavender dye you should use.

Health Condition of Your Hair

Before using any kind of hair care product, it is a must that you need to be concerned about your hair condition and everything you will do, depending on the existing condition of your hair. In this case. If you have dry, brittle or frizzy hair, it is advisable to use a semi-permanent hair dye. Because it is more gentle and less damaging to hair dye. You can use permanent hair dye if your hair is healthy and has no issues yet. Another important thing is that you can use permanent hair dye to conceal your healthy grayed hair also.

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Can Other Colors Cover Orange Dyed Hair?

As earlier we mentioned, it is a known fact that lavender dyes do not work on all shades of orange hair. No need to be worried. Because, hair care experts have found few options. Wrinky will tell you some other hair dye colors that you can choose from.

Blue Hair Dye

Do you know that blue and orange are located from corner to corner in the color wheel? That is the secret for these two colors to neutralize one another. Yes, Blue hair dye is another expert to neutralize the orange tones in your hair. We can recommend this shade, if your hair has a bright orange shade.

Blonde Hair Dye

If you don’t like your darker hair, you can dye your hair lighter using a blonde hair dye. That is one of the best options you have. Here, it is better to find the right shade of blonde before you proceed. Moreover, as it is effective in removing the orange tone in your hair, you should look for a blonde shade with gray and cool undertones.

However, dyeing your orange hair blonde is difficult than dyeing it darker. It is advisable to get the assistance from your hair care expert before going for it.


Lavender and orange hair neutralize each other. But as mentioned, lavender hair dye will not work on all shades of orange hair. That’s why you should first assess your hair shade, lightness and condition to know if using lavender dye is the best option for you. It is better to consult a hair specialist. Then you can decide what is the most effective way to fix your orange hair. Then, let him do the rest of his job as you expect.

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