Thinning shears on curly hair

Thinning shears on curly hair

Why Thinning Shears Shouldn’t Be Used On Curly Hair?

When it comes to their gorgeous bouncy curls, our curly-headed women and girls know a lot. While most people love their curls, some wish they could get rid of them. Thinning shears are the most common ‘quick remedy’ for removing curls or bulk from curls. On the other hand, many hair stylists don’t know that using thinning shears on curly or frizzy hair could make it worse.

Hair types with curly or frizzy hair are at risk from thinning shears. Cutting curly hair with hair-thinning scissors causes it to become frizzy and prone to split ends and curl breakage, which no curly-haired woman desires.

The answer can be found in the hair. On a person’s head, no two strands of hair are alike. They all develop at various rates. When you cut your hair, the individual strands that help weigh down other strands rise up with variable curl flexibility for each individual strand, resulting in frizz.

We’ve all heard of thinning shears, but do we know how they work? Thinning shears are scissors with a toothed blade on one side. Little grooves in those teeth allow stylists to cut every second, third, or even fourth strand of hair without losing length. The straight side of the blade helps cut the hair to remove excess weight or soften/blend unsightly lines.

Layer Curly Hair Instead of Using Thinning Shears

Layer Curly Hair Instead of Using Thinning Shears

It’s recommended to visit a professional stylist who specializes in curly hair if you want to eliminate the weight from your thick locks. There are numerous tragic stories on the internet about my hairdresser over texturizing my hair. The majority of them were caused by hairdressers who lacked knowledge about curly hair and improperly utilized thinning shears. Many of them would have gotten a better result if they had layered their hair to get rid of the extra weight.

So, if you have curly hair and a hairdresser approaches you with a set of thinning shears, flee! You’ll be attempting to save your curls from the heartbreak by growing them out. No one wants to talk about their thinning disaster.

How to Repair Damage Caused by Thinning Shears?

If you’ve had a terrible haircut with professional scissors, you can enhance your hair in the short and long term by doing a few things.

Look for an expert to help you with the problem.

Look for an expert to help you with the problem

To begin, locate a hair stylist who specializes in curly hair and schedule an appointment to explore your options. If your hair isn’t too short, your hairdresser might suggest a different cut to get rid of some of the split ends and frizz. If only a few parts of your hair have been affected by the improper cut, you might want to use a product while scrunching your hair to help the curls return.

Sometimes you just need a lot of patience to wait for your hair to grow out of a terrible haircut. At the very least, you’ll know that your hair and thinning shears don’t mix well!

Taking care of your hair

Pin up or roller set hair that won’t curl, or attempt braid outs or twist outs to get all of your hair to curl evenly. Applying a holding product and scrunching those stubborn strands to make them curl may also help, especially if there are only a few stubborn parts.

You can curl your hair to attain uniformity, or you can seek out a professional who specializes in curly hair and curly cuts. Make an appointment so the stylist can examine your hair and choose the best course of action. Take your time to locate the right person, and remember that your hair will grow back and your curls will return, no matter which path you pick.

8 advantages and disadvantages of hair thinning (read this before getting your haircut)

advantages and disadvantages of hair thinning

4 Cons of Thinning shears on curly hair

As I said before, the drawbacks will depend on your hair type and the things you use to thin your hair.

1. If your hair is too dry, you will merely add to the frizz.

A haircut should not be used to thin out your hair in this scenario. You’ll merely make it poofier rather than reduce the volume. Like the mane of a tamed lion.

Also, don’t let your stylist eliminate volume from your hair with razors. It could split the cuticles, making your hair even more porous and brittle.

2. If you have curly hair, avoid volumizing it.

Curly hair thinning is a two-edged sword. Andrea, a lovely Colombian girl, walked into my salon with her hair full of curls, and I’ll never forget her. She came in hoping for a remedy to her previous hair-thinning attempt.

What had occurred?

Her hair had been thinned, but curls from various regions of her hair had been taken away without her permission.

As a result,

A few days later, she developed an uncontrollable mane with an infinite number of curls of various lengths.

As a result, her situation has worsened. She had quadrupled the volume, which made her look horribly disheveled at first glance.

Can you imagine Andrea’s early hair styling attempts taming the volume?

Other options are available if you have a lot of curls and wish to lower the volume. I’ll tell you what they are later.

3. Never thin your hair from the roots if your hair is thick. Otherwise, it will double the volume of the roots as they grow.

The conventional recommendation in these situations is to thin your hair. However, you must exercise caution and pay great attention to the process.

If your hairdresser uses thinning shears, be sure they aren’t used near the roots. The immediate effect will be fantastic because you’ll feel like you’ve lost half your hair. It’ll be simple to style and put on.

After a few months, however, you’ll feel like you’re in hell. The clipped hair will grow considerably stronger and have double the volume of the roots.

Imagine a jellyfish by closing your eyes. This is how your hair will seem. The top of the head has a lot of volume, while the ends have very little hair. Even Ulysses will be afraid to confront you.

4. If you have fine hair, reducing volume will simply make it frizzier.

In these situations, you should always be cautious and never get your hair cut over the shoulder. The shorter your hair is, the less weight it has and the more prone it is to frizz.

You should also avoid straightening your hair to reduce frizz because it will create volume. Your delicate hair will lay flat on your head, creating a languid appearance.

While we’re talking about famous people, remember Morticia from the Addams Family?

We now understand the disadvantages of thinning out your hair based on its type. But everything’s not lost. Let’s get to the good news now.

4 Pros of Thinning shears on curly hair

Pros and cons of Thinning shears on curly hair

When it comes to hair thinning, there are four key benefits:

1. Your hair will feel considerably more manageable.

You will, even if you aren’t crazy about moisturizing procedures and only treat your hair once a month with a nutritious hair treatment.

You’ll also stop wearing your hair tied up because you’ll be more comfortable with your thinned-out mane, resulting in less fragile and brittle hair.

2.  You’ll notice that removing some of the volume from your hair allows it to settle more readily.

Sure, having less hair volume to manage makes doing an updo or applying styling products easier.

Do you recall the everyday fight to keep all of your hair in place and styled the way you wanted it with hairspray? That won’t happen again, which leads to our next benefit.

3. You’ll spend less time styling your hair if you thin it out.

You’ll be rescued if you typically wake up late or press the “snooze” button on your alarm clock for “five more minutes.”

You’ll never be late again for work or school. Your lover won’t fall asleep on the couch while you’re getting ready to go out; instead, you’ll have more free time to put on extra cosmetics or make silly expressions in front of the mirror.

4. You will be lighter.

Let’s not go overboard, either. Having thick hair doesn’t imply you’re carrying the world on your shoulders.

However, knowing that you can control your hair by reducing its volume will make you feel calmer or less stressed out.

Remember to tweeze your hair correctly when you do so. That is what I will discuss next.



1-Using haircuts to thin out your hair

If your hair is slightly wavy or straight, layers can be used to thin it out and look amazing, as long as the cut does not begin at the roots. This will create a lovely wave movement.

If you have thick hair, a razor cut can help you thin it out and last up to six months.

To avoid too much volume at the top, use thinning shears from the mid-lengths to the ends in this situation.

2-Using chemical techniques to thin out

Permanent straightening, hair botox, keratin therapy, and hair raising are just some of the options available.

However, you should be aware that these methods alter the hair structure and result in fully straight hair. Your hair will be flat, frizz-free, and lustrous in these circumstances.

This is a fantastic option if you can live without your curls and want to reduce volume.

3-Moisturize to thin things out.

Most of the time, your hair volume is determined by the chemical processes that take place in your hair, not your hair type.

Do you routinely bleach your hair? Do you paint it once a month?

In some circumstances, the volume you’re trying to get rid of could just be frizz.

Instead of cutting your hair to make it look thinner, you can use hydrating treatments to make it look fuller.

To tame and reduce the volume of your hair, look for high-quality nourishing treatments that will keep your hair moisturized and seal the cuticle.

4-Styling to thin things out

If your hair only grows like grass in the spring or when it’s too humid, you can blow-dry, flat iron, or curl it to keep it under control.

You can also use lotions, gels, and other items to deal with minor frizz issues.

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