When I Scratch My Scalp White Stuff Come Off

When I scratch my scalp white stuff come off

What is this white stuff in my hair?

This is a common problem for many people and as a result most of them are suffering mentally also. Especially, those who like to dress in dark colors are feel this so badly. So, let’s discuss what are these white things? Why they appear in the hair, how to control these conditions and other important points.

This symptom, commonly known as dandruff, can be caused by a variety of conditions, from simple dry scalp to eczema or skin diseases.

Why does white stuff come out of my hair when I scratch it?

Why does white stuff come out of my hair when I scratch it

Clearly, dandruff is natural and everyone has at least some. In here, old dead skin cells in your scalp are remaining while new skin replacing old skin on your scalp. But without thick hair, dead cells fall out and you will never see them. Your hair grabs them and builds them up more and more. So, when you scratch your hair these whit stuff comes out.

Here are some main factors you may consider

Seborrheic dermatitis (Dandruff)

  • It is a skin disease that mainly causes scalp spots and red skin. Some feels rashes, dryness, flakiness, peeling, or redness and itching also. It can also occur on oily areas of the body such as the face, upper chest and back.
  • Repeated treatment may be required with self-care and medicated shampoos, creams and lotions.
  • You can consult Pediatrician, Primary care provider or Dermatologist for further treatments.

Scalp psoriasis

  • This stirring skin condition gives the scalp a reddish and scaly patch. It may appear as single patch or several. Psoriasis of the scalp can cause itching with thick and large white flakes on your hair. Other symptoms are dry scalp, burning or soreness, hair loss, silvery and white scales.
  • Reason for Psoriasis on the scalp is unknown and it is considered an autoimmune condition.
  • You can use medicated shampoos, creams, gels, lotions, foams, oils, lotions and soaps as the first line treatment on your skin.
  • Your dermatologist may consider injecting steroids directly if you have mild scalp psoriasis in several areas.

Irritant or allergic contact dermatitis

  • Using a product with an ingredient you’re allergic to or one that simply irritates the scalp can result in inflammation and dry, flaky skin. You can cause allergies or irritation to shampoo, styling gel or other hair product. Stop continuing that product which can causes a reaction.

How do I get rid of white gunk on my scalp? 10 Tips to get rid of white gunk

What is scalp gunk?

Oily secretion called sebum accumulates combined with sweat, hair products, and dead skin cells on the scalp can cause for gunk. Symptoms almost similar to those of seborrheic dermatitis, scalp psoriasis, and eczema.

There are two types of scalp buildup: natural and product buildup.

  • Especially if you go too long between washes, natural buildup happens. It makes dead skin, dirt, and sebum accumulate on your scalp.
  • Product buildup, which means that your hair care products can build up on the scalp and, can cause its own type of flakes. they’re usually sticky.
  1. Regular and thorough washing.
  2. Keep hair detangled
  3. Use right shampoo and conditioner by matching your hair type.
  4. Use a scalp scrub
  5. Try a DIY scalp oil treatment.
  6. Use Lemongrass oil.
  7. Use tea tree oil. 
  8. Rinse with apple cider vinegar
  9. Use witch hazel.
  10. Exfoliate your scalp

Is it dandruff or product build up?

Most of times dandruff falling on your shoulders, and once you rub your scalp you can see them on your fingers or nails. Product buildup flakes usually stick to the hair rather than falling out normally because product is made to stick to the hair.

Should I scrape off dandruff?

It is not advisable to scraping off dandruff because scratching your scalp a lot could cause temporary hair loss. Though dandruff make embarrass, it’s harmless. It does not mean that you’re not clean. It’s not spreadable and it may not directly cause hair loss.

Can I brush out dandruff?

Best remedy is to remove dandruff is brush out the dead skin flakes evenly throughout your hair developed at an initial stage.

Can dandruff spread to your face?

It’s most often found on your scalp. But it can also be developed on your ears, eyebrows and face also.

Why am I getting dandruff in my eyebrows?

Eyebrow dandruff can happen from babies to older adults. It habitually occurs in areas of skin where there are a lot of oil-producing glands. That is why you can experience dandruff on the head or eyebrows.

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Why is my hair stringy?

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