Why Is My Hair Stringy?

Why is my hair stringy

I was terribly gawky, too goofy to become a high-kicking cheerleader, with stringy brown hair and bad posture. Definitely nobody noticeable!

Author: Helen Slater

Stringy hair is caused by too much sebum (the natural oil of the scalp) on the hair shaft. That’s mean usually long, thin hair that has an oily or excess product that sticks together at the ends. Even curly hair also can be stringy if not cared for properly. 

Although stringy hair is really clean, but it will look oily and dull. Here we are talking about what causes stringy hair and how you can make your hair look nice and healthy.

Why is my hair fizzy and stringy at the ends?

Stringy hair is usually a reliable source of fine hair, which is oily and eventually tangles that look like string. Sometimes curly or wavy hair will look like stringy if it is brushed when it dries or is damaged due to the heating hair styles and that can leave your hair more vulnerable to get fizzy.

All types of hair with damaged ends can look like stringy, because split ends can cause the hair strands to fall out instead of being detained together.

Often, stringy hair is caused by excess products or more oils in the hair. Hair loss makes the hair look thinner and stringier.

Why is my hair stringy after I shower?

Why is my hair stringy after I shower, Why is my hair fizzy

Hair that has not been adequately washed or over-washed can have a stringy, frizzy or oily appearance. If any hair care or styling product is left on the hair for too long or not washed properly, it can build up and even cause dandruff.

Why does my hair not feel clean after I wash it?

If people use oily or waxy hair products or do not clean their hair properly, it can cause to produce oil, skin cells and sweat within the hair. So, after washing also, hair still looks oily and not feel clean.

What does build-up in hair look like?

The product builds up in the hair, making it look like spots, white film, or chunky fragments that stick to the strands like tiny lumps.  You can see the product build up when you split your hair into sections and rub your fingers through the parting. It is the scaly film under your nails.

How do you fix stringy hair?

  • Use the right shampoo & conditioner for your hair type
  • Be careful with styling products in stringy hair
  • Use a hair thickening serum
  • Use a boar bristle brush
  • Get a hair ends trim, it can make hair look healthy and fuller
  • Avoid heat styling regularly
  • Try a silk pillowcase to protect the hair
  • Use conditioner on the ends. Do not apply on the scalp, it will make hair oily
  • Use argan oil or castor oil which can help repair split ends 

How to prevent stringy hair

Keep this point in your mind. Do you know the easiest way to stop stringy hair? Try to identify and prevent it from happening in the first place. There are other ways and means also:

  • Wash your hair regularly
  • Get regular hair cuts
  • Use bristle brushes
  • Don’t sleep on wet hair
  • Get a nutrient rich diet
  • Drink more water
  • Get scalp massages
  • Bio vitamins

If I conclude…

If you suspect that your stringy hair is caused by a skin issue like psoriasis, eczema or regular hair losing, it is advisable to talk with your family doctor or hair care expert. They will recommend you a different of products with best matching or guide you on how to wash or style your hair.

All kind of hair can be victim of stringy hair issue. It is commonly affects for the people who have long, thin or fine hair and rarely for curly hair also. Try to get hair cut or use clarifying shampoo initially.

With the practicing of good hair hygiene, you will feel like you won the world.

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